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Tyre Flex Couplings

Tyre Flex Couplings

Product Name : T / TO

Capacity : 154 kw / 100 rpm
Max bore : 190 mm

T / TO
The flexible capabilities of the Tyreflex Coupling help to accommodate angular, parallel and axial misalignments.

Parallel Misalignment upto 6 mm.
Angular Misalignment upto 4°
End Float upto 8 mm
Suitable in ambient temp. upto 70° C.

Product Name : RST

Capacity : 154 kw / 100 rpm
Max bore : 190 mm

Tyre-flex Spacer Couplings RST are specifically designed for motor-pump installations, where it is desirable not to disturb drive / driven equipment while servicing impellers, packing glands, etc.

The maintenance time-reduction feature is valuable on pumps, compressors and many other applications.

Product Name : RTP / RTPS

Capacity : 26.50 kw / 100 rpm Max bore : 123 mm

Torque transmission is by shear
Tyre is split into two halves , each bonded to a metal bracket
Each tyre is bolted radially to hubs mounted on shafts
Special material with high durability , strength & fatigue resistance


Easy maintenance ,as assembly & disassembly does not require any special skills Hubs may be fitted with different orientation to achieve different DBSE
Higher misalignment capability Taper Lock bushes may be fitted if required


General Applications – Agitator , Blowers , Conveyors ,Cranes , Pumps etc.
Industry Applications – Cement , Food , Rubber , Steel , Paper, Power plants etc.